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Most quality, affordable dental implants in Antalya, Turkey Have you finished fixing your old dentures? Is it terrible to clean your dentures or dental bridges every day? Then it's time to visit the most devoted and devoted dentists for dental implant in Turkey. Well, we have the solution for this! We can provide you the best dental implant experience within the best price in the industry. We have more than 10 years of experience with a qualified team of dentists. Often, people are confused if they need a dental implant or would it be okay, to invest a huge amount of money on the dental implant? Implants are known to be moderate and expensive but investing in your smile is worth it! İmplant treatmen is the replacement of your defected or missing tooth with an artificial tooth. Sometimes, people use dentures and dental bridges to overcome the missing tooth issue. But dentures could be irritating and tough to handle, whereas dental implant is one of the best solutions to give an aesthetic appeal to your smile. And this artificial tooth is created with titanium, which implants into your jawbone and it acts as root then we create a functional and beautiful crown for your tooth.

  • Screw: which replace the roots of your teeth and the same as roots, this is the invisible part.
  • Abutment: it acts as a connector between the screw and crown of the tooth. And these two parts are made up of titanium as the study says titanium is compatible with human tissue and fit with the bone easily and also have a long life as compared to other metals. Once, the titanium (screw and abutment) gets settled with the bone perfectly, we will prepare the crown.
  • Crown:It is a structure of your tooth and we will take care of the color and size of a crown as per neighbor teeth. We ensure you no cutting of neighbor tooth and provide you the perfect looking crown to enhance the beauty of your smile. The structure and design of your smile are prepared with the help of high technology machines. The technique is completed with CAD/CAM machines, which will ensure the right angles to implant the teeth. Also, our 10 years’ experience will ensure that you are in the right hands. If you are looking for the Dental Implants in Turkey, then you have found the right place. we are the best choice!
Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made of 100% titanium and placed in the jawbone to restore function and aesthetics of the missing teeth. Titanium is a tissue-friendly material, and dental implants made of titanium are subjected to various procedures such as roughening, covering with different materials, for cellular attachment to the jawbone. After the dental implants are placed in the jawbone, they are held as cellular by creating a special bond with the bone. When this attachment is completed (1-6 months), the denture prosthesis that we call superstructure is ready for preparation. This step is like making a chrono or bridge over a normal cut tooth. Dental Implant Success Rate Dental implants are a form of treatment that can provide exceptionally successful results in terms of patient and physician when applied with accurate diagnosis, sufficient knowledge, experience and equipment. Application of Dental Implants Dental implants are a longer-lasting treatment than fixed bridges made using removable dentures or adjacent teeth on gums. Dental implants are placed inside the jawbone by our mouth, teeth, jaw surgery specialist.
Dental Implant Application in Single Tooth Deficiencies
Many dentists preferred to have a fixed bridge in the absence of one tooth as much as the day’s. But this method requires the cutting of healthy neighboring teeth. Sensitive and nerve damage may develop as the enamel part of the tooth protecting layer is damaged during cutting. As it is under porcelain over time, bruises and gum problems can be seen in the cut teeth that have difficulties in cleaning.
At certain times on the bridge, porcelains will have problems such as cracking and breaking, and the bridge will need to be removed and replaced. At these stages, various damage can occur in the base teeth, too. Studies show that within five to seven years there is a loss rate of up to 30% in teeth adjacent to fixed bridges or mobile prostheses. As a result, cutting healthy teeth can cause problems in these teeth over time.

Movable prostheses are used in patients with a large number of tooth loss cases where fixed bridge prosthesis can not be performed. However, bone dysfunction can occur with the pressure of these prosthesis on the tissues in the toothless areas. All these troubles can be prevented by the placement of dental implants and the prosthetic restorations made on them.
  • Improve your speech and chew easily.
  • It is a long-lasting solution for your missing teeth.
  • Unlike dentures, the dental implant almost has no risk of infection.
  • Most importantly it gives you a natural look.
  • It will not harm your natural teeth on either side.
  • Dental implants do not indulge in the capacity of taste.
  • Dental implants are stable and comfortable and do not make any noise.
Whether you are young, middle-aged or elderly, there is an implant solution for you, although you may have one tooth missing, multiple teeth missing, or all your teeth missing. Implants can be implanted at any age, including patients with some health problems, except children during development. In general, implant treatment can be applied to any patient who can receive routine dental treatment. Although some measures are suggested, successful implant applications can be made even in patients with chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes. We are working with a team specializing in the application of dental implants especially in diabetic patients.
Dental Implant Treatment and Operation Time
The duration of the operation can range from 10 minutes to several hours depending on the number of dental implants and the condition of the patient. The implant placement procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia. Sedation-assisted local anesthesia or general anesthesia may be preferred for patients with too much fear and anxiety. When a good anesthetic is made, the patient will not feel any pain. Post-operative pain is easily controlled with pain relievers. If there is no adverse effect on wound healing, sutures are removed after one week. The implant is expected to bind to the bone. After operation, the implant and jaw bone are expected to be attached for about 2-4 months. If it is deemed necessary, a temporary prosthesis may be used for the patient during this period. Then implant prostheses are implanted with an application that takes several sessions according to the nature of the case. Prosthetics can be performed without waiting in some cases where appropriate conditions are met.
We can handle all the problems like missing teeth and teeth gaps. If you have other problems like loose teeth and need extraction then you can visit the dentist in Antalya for dental implants. Our experts know how to bring the beautiful structure of a smile back. Also, our team speaks English and German. Dental implant costs in the UK can pinch hard in your pocket. And that is why most of the people from abroad choose Turkey Dental Clinics for the dental implant. And why not! At last, you are going to get the same dental treatment at a lesser price as compared to the European Countries.
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