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Veneers are the most popular dental treatment these days and are one of the affordable aesthetic solutions for your teeth. Veneers are a tiny prosthetic device that uses thin material and gives you a natural-looking smile. To procedure requires removing some enamel from the tooth and then the veneers are fitted into the tooth. The resin cement used in the procedure can easily be modified as per the color, shape, and size of the teeth. We know that you don’t want that fake-looking smile and that is why we use premium brands for the perfect finishing. If you are looking for the best quality but affordable dental veneers then Veneers in Turkey is what you want. Antalya welcomes you for the warmest and best dental holiday in Turkey. You will get the highest-quality veneers with up to 75% savings. We use premium dental brands for veneers in Turkey and ensure you the best results. We use the most popular E-Max brand to prepare your veneer structure. E-Max Veneer will provide you the perfect natural smile as it gives translucent and bright properties to the structure we prepare. Brands and quality are the number one priority with us. Everything we use is to European standards and are proven and registered trademarks worldwide such as e.max, Ivoclar Vivadent.

5-7 DAY

Porcelain veneers are laboratory made thin layered shells of porcelain which are applied to the teeth. They can be used to alter the shapes, colour and appearance of teeth and close gaps between teeth as required. Furthermore in situations where tooth straightening is not possible or undesirable, tooth adjustments can be made to accommodate minor alignment discrepancies for the perfect smile.

  • Don't require much tooth reshaping
  • Ultra-durable pressed ceramic porcelain
  • Gum tissue tolerates porcelain well
  • Perfect color matching to adjoining teeth
  • Porcelain veneers are stain resistant
  • Reduced treatment time

Differences between Lumineers and Veneers Want to flaunt a perfect smile always? It’s time to correct your dental flaws and regain your confidence. When it comes to dental treatments Dental Veneers and Lumineers are the most trending treatments that help to improve your smile. Many of us get confused between these two dental cosmetic treatments but cover you all. Here, we will discuss the difference between Veneers and Lumineers. Well, one of the major differences between these two is their application. Thin material is used in the process and the dentist will remove some enamel and then fix the veneers. Lumineers on the other hand comes with ultra-thin material that is quite durable. You can get the treatment in just 2 sittings as the lumineers can be placed directly over the teeth and gives you a radiant smile in minutes.

Veneers enable a quick way and guaranteed way to whiten and correct any minor discrepancies in tooth shape. They are usually performed on 4-6 teeth so that the shade and shape of the new teeth are kept uniform. Minor orthodontic discrepancies can be camouflaged with porcelain veneers which could be of benefit particularly if you are not keen on having any orthodontic treatment If there are any defects or deep stain which has occurred as the tooth has developed or it has been traumatised, it sometimes can be hard to mask with whitening or composite veneers. Similarly if the underlying enamel has been damaged, porcelain veneers can be used to improve the appearance shape and symmetry of your smile

Porcelain veneers can be more costly than other forms of smile makeover treatments such as composite bonding as the veneers are made and processed in a specialised lab by a master ceramist. As some of the tooth structure is being adjusted and removed, it is an irreversible procedure whereas composite bonding is less invasive.

No, as the tooth preparation, (if required at all) is limited to the outer surface of the teeth which is the non-sensitive part.

There will be minor adjustments to the teeth, but this is minimal, especially if the teeth have been straightened previously How will I know if I like the look of veneers? The dentist providing the veneers will look at the current shape of the teeth, their colour, your facial and gum contours as well as things like lip position and tooth symmetry to make a decision on the character and profile of the veneers. However, the dental lab can perform a waxed version attached to a study model of your teeth so you can see and even trial the smile before any treatment begins.

Regular maintenance with a hygienist and treating them like you would for any of your natural teeth is best practice, as this allows for them to stay healthy for as long as possible. Let's contact us for your veneer treatments.

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